Jo-Kell Inc. & Northrop Grumman Implement LEAN

Chesapeake, VA (May 27, 2008) – On the same day that Jo-Kell Inc., a electrical distributor and engineering company, celebrated their LEAN Enterprise Certification, they hosted a Rapid Improvement Workshop (RIW) LEAN event to streamline wireway hanger assemblies for CVN-78 class ships. These workshops help to facilitate increased communication.

The workshop brought together all Northrop Grumman groups including Engineering, Waterfront, Quality, Purchasing as well as key Jo-Kell personnel. Jo-Kell successfully built all of the wireway racks for the Nimitz Class Carriers CVN-77 and CVN-70. The new Ford Class Carrier, CVN-78 will require a significant increase in hangers.

Jo-Kell is one of only a few LEAN Certified suppliers for Northrop Grumman Newport News. “Our goal is to work together with Northrop Grumman through the LEAN Enterprise process to make sure that both Jo-Kell and Northrop Grumman are united as we move forward on this project” said Jo-Kell CEO, Suzy Kelly.

LEAN incorporates principles of identifying value, eliminating waste and improving processes.

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